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2019 Annual Environmental Report

2019 Annual Environmental Report

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-02
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(Summary description)Jiangsu Telida New Materials Co., Ltd. carried out a large number of technical transformations on the company's environmental protection facilities in 2019, which greatly improved the treatment effect of waste gas and ensured the discharge of waste water and waste gas.

2019 Annual Environmental Report

(Summary description)Jiangsu Telida New Materials Co., Ltd. carried out a large number of technical transformations on the company's environmental protection facilities in 2019, which greatly improved the treatment effect of waste gas and ensured the discharge of waste water and waste gas.

  • Categories:Company News
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  • Time of issue:2020-07-02
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Jiangsu Telida New Materials Co., Ltd. carried out a large number of technical transformations on the company's environmental protection facilities in 2019, which greatly improved the treatment effect of waste gas and ensured the discharge of waste water and waste gas. At the same time, it has also obtained corresponding economic benefits. Achieved a win-win situation for environmental protection and economy.

(1) Basic situation of the company

一 The main environmental protection technology transformation in 2019

1. The sludge and CMC mother liquor will be used for non-hazardous waste identification. The identification will be completed in March 2019, and the identification report will be obtained and filed with the Environmental Protection Bureau. Do a good job in the online declaration of hazardous waste, and transfer 9.54 tons of distillation residues to Kyushu for processing in November 2019. However, according to the inspection by the Environmental Protection Agency and the special rectification of hazardous waste, according to the requirement that the storage of hazardous waste does not exceed one year, the inventory of hazardous waste must be transferred and disposed of as soon as possible.

2. After identification, the sludge becomes general solid waste. A contract was signed with Green Energy and sent to dispose of 40 tons of sludge. Reduce the inventory pressure in the factory and avoid the hidden dangers of environmental inspections.

3. According to the requirements of the Provincial Government Office Document No. 15, the environmental protection of the park has put forward a large number of transformation requirements for enterprises according to the requirements. 2: Exhaust gas transformation. We cooperated with the Provincial Academy of Environmental Sciences to transform and upgrade the exhaust gas in the factory, and issued an exhaust gas rectification report. We carried out rectification in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Academy of Environmental Sciences. CMC workshop: We increased the exhaust gas absorption Fans were installed, gas recovery was strengthened, and a 30-meter exhaust tube was added to uniformly process and discharge the collected waste gas; Sodium sarcosinate workshop: We replaced the previously eliminated box-type vacuum pump with a tank-type vacuum pump, and absorbed the two separate ones. After the towers are connected in series, they become two-stage treatment and are discharged through an exhaust cylinder. After the waste gas from the collection pool and biochemical pool of the sewage treatment station passes through the cover, it is collected in the absorption tower and discharged after treatment. 3: According to the requirements of the park, the third party Rugao Zhang Bureau was invited to score the companies themselves according to the No. 15 document, and the report was made and burned into a CD to the park.

At the end of April and May, the Nantong investigation revealed a total of 7 items that needed to be rectified by environmental protection. First, to ensure that the rectification was completed.

In May and September, in accordance with the mandatory requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency, online VOCs monitoring was installed. During the period, our exhaust gas was ethanol, and the indicator of online monitoring was non-methane total hydrocarbons. The government environmental protection department defended whether it is necessary to install VOCs online monitoring, but in the end, it was mandatory by the government and must be installed, otherwise it could not survive.

A new emergency plan and risk assessment report were completed in June and October and filed with the Rugao Environmental Protection Bureau.

7. In 2019, the park established a smart management platform. The smart platform is the role of the park to supervise enterprises. According to requirements, enterprises are required to implement waste gas, wastewater, solid waste, production equipment, governance implementation, online monitoring, combustible gas alarms, etc. Video and current monitoring are all connected to the smart platform of the park. We have spent a lot of capital investment and have now all been connected.

In August and November, the Rugao Environmental Protection Bureau supervised emergency weather control, requiring companies to install production equipment and governance facility current monitoring. Fortunately, when emergency weather control is in place, we supervise whether we are in place according to the control requirements.

In September and December, re-apply for the national version of the pollution permit.

10. The company is now equipped with online monitoring equipment for wastewater, exhaust gas, and rainwater, and all have signed third-party maintenance contracts to ensure the normal operation of online monitoring equipment.

二 The company's main production status (production products, output and treatment of three wastes)

(2) The company's environmental management

一 Environmental management organization

二 Environmental management objectives and measures

3 Environmental system certification status

4 Training and education related to environmental protection

5 Construction of environmental protection management system

(1) Establishment of operating procedures for environmental protection facilities

(2) Environmental protection facility roving inspection

(3) Daily management of sewage treatment

(3) The occurrence of major environmental problems of the company

The company attaches great importance to environmental protection work, earnestly implements and implements relevant environmental laws and regulations, formulated a sound environmental management system and standardized operations, strengthened the inspection and maintenance of waste water and waste gas treatment facilities, and implemented environmental protection responsibilities to individuals and strengthened employees’ environmental awareness So far, no major environmental pollution accidents have occurred, and no environmental disputes have occurred.

(4) The situation of the company's environmental protection law

一 Pollutants discharge up to standard

Waste water, waste gas and solid waste implementation of discharge standards and compliance discharge status

2 Environmental emergencies and the implementation of emergency plans

In order to prevent the occurrence of various environmental accidents, strive to reduce the loss of environmental pollution accidents, and eliminate environmental pollution accidents in the bud. In order to promote safe production and protect the health of employees, ensure the safe and stable operation of the company, continuously improve various emergency management systems, and ensure the orderly progress of safe production and accident rescue work, the company formulated an emergency plan for production safety and environmental protection, and established The accident emergency rescue leading group has formulated emergency procedures and measures for emergency environmental accidents to prevent them before they happen. In order to improve the skills to prevent and handle emergencies and enhance the actual combat capabilities, the company organizes emergency drills for hazardous chemical safety accidents every year, and continuously improves the company's ability to prevent and handle emergencies through the drills, and at the same time, the operability of the company's emergency plans Check the effectiveness of the implementation and continue to improve.

(5) Concluding remarks of the report

2019 is an important year for the company’s continuous development. In the future, the company will continue to implement the Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China and other laws and regulations, effectively strengthen environmental protection, improve resource utilization, reduce and avoid the generation of pollutants, ensure the health of staff canteens, and promote Sustainable economic and social development, increase environmental protection construction, accelerate new product development and research, further reduce product energy and material consumption, protect the environment, and make due contributions to social prosperity and development, happiness and harmony. It is hoped that this report can strengthen the understanding of the company from all walks of life, and also hope to accept the supervision of the society to promote the company's environmental protection work.

(6) Compilation instructions

1 The time limit for this report is January 1, 2019-January 1, 2020

2 The release date of this report: May 2020

The company promises that the content of the above report is true and effective

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